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What are Muscle Knots?

What are they?

Here, at The Mobile Masseur, the question that we frequently get asked is “what are muscle knots”?

Muscle knots are very painful and can be debilitating. There are ways to treat muscle knots, reducing pain, improve range of motion and get you back to your old self in less than no time.

Muscle knots are muscles in a state of constant contraction. These hardened bumps are the result of the body protecting itself from further injury by, what is known as, “muscle guarding”. When muscles are strained, overworked or injured muscles around them tighten to prevent more damage and encourage healing processes.

So, a muscle knot is really a muscle contracting itself as a protective measure, to guard an injury.

The Cause?

Muscle knots are caused by several things including pain in muscle tissue, overuse, strains and trauma. When a muscle is injured or overworked, it can tighten up.  Muscles around the painful area will bunch up, tightening into a knot to protect the area from further injury.

Muscle knots are a bodily reaction or impulse designed to protect your tissue from further injury. The flesh is “bunched up” as a way to defend against further trauma while the muscle heals—a phenomena called “guarding”.

Get Rid of Them!

The best treatment for muscle knots and tightness is to use a range of therapies like:

1) Massage (In Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas please contact “The Mobile Masseur” or visit the website for more information:

2) Strengthening routines to encourage body health and core strength (In Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas please contact “The Mobile PTs” or visit the website for more information:

3) Heat & Cold pack applications

4) Stretching and range of motion exercises

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